The Coconutz Band

Roc Nutz

From left to right:  Rich Kurtz (bass/vocals),  Tim McKinstry (keyboards/vocals), Brian Varhelyi (guitar/vocals),

Joe Mekler (drums/vocals), Jimmy Glenn (percussion/vocals).  Photo Credit John Loreaux Photography

The Coconutz Band is a little bit of everything but always a good time.  You may find us at a beach bar wearing Hawaiian shirts jammin out to some Reggae & Steely Dan or rockin’ out in bluejeans at a nightclub in Philly but the bottom line… we’re a party band.  We read the audience and make it happen - no matter the age, genre or venue.

We can be configured as a duo, 3 or 4-piece party rock band or a 4-5-piece beach band.

From the beach to the ballroom and all points between! © Brian Varhelyi 2022