My Story

I’ve been at this a long time.  I’ll start with Arthurs Museum.  We were a rock band in the mid to late 80’s playing covers while writing and recording our first record.  We toured extensively throughout the northeast playing all the major venues and opening for many major label artists of the day.  Band member Richie Kotzen was fortunate to get signed for his solo work before the band could finalize it's deal.  So… 

Next came the Phebe & Brian Duo.  We began by writing and recording new material.  Eventually we got the bug to perform again which turned into a full-time job.  We were playing all the A-List clubs that the bands were playing and packing the house everywhere we went.  We were mainstays at Club Maui in Philly and The OD in Sea Isle for years.  Sadly, Phebe was killed in a horrible traffic accident.  I continued for a short period but needed time so I retired from music.

It was during this period I started my own audio company.  Quite successful and still going today but after almost 5 years I had to get back to performing.

That’s when Brian & the Coconutz were formed.  Literally thrown together with some of the area’s most talented musician’s to play one summer at Cesears in AC.  Well here we are many years later still going strong.  The band has had more success than I could’ve dreamed of.  Playing everywhere from high profile event’s to beach gigs up and down the Jersey shoreline.

In 2016 I was recognized by Berks County Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for my work with Arthurs Museum and again in 2017 for my musicianship. © Brian Varhelyi 2019